Which plan is best for my child?

committed to ensuring your child is enrolled in the plan that best suits their needs. Below are our recommendations based on some common


  • “My kids are absolute beginners or advanced, and want to build cool projects quickly?” ~ We recommend enrolling in our Private plan for one or more classes per week.
  • “My kids are very outgoing and love to work in a group setting - they get inspired from other kids’ ideas.” ~ We recommend enrolling in our Small Group plan.
  • “My kids are excited to level up, and build cool projects. And dont require much individual supervision.” ~ We recommend enrolling in our Large Group plan.
  • Our dedicated Admissions Team is also available to walk you through our plans in detail - schedule a call with us today.
Which course should I enroll in?

For students with no or minimal coding experience, we highly recommend starting with basic programming courses. More experienced students can consider taking our more advanced development courses.

Our general list of beginner courses:

  • For ages 6-8: Scratch
  • Ages 8+: Python
  • Ages 10+: Java

Our general list of advanced courses:

  • Ages 10+: PyGame
  • Ages 11+: Web Development
  • Ages 12+: Algorithmic thinking and Design

One of our Admissions Advisors will be more than happy to walk you through our different courses, and suggest a placement based on your child’s previous coding experience. Schedule a call with us today.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

We offer a full money-back guarantee within your first 2 classes, no questions asked. Our team is also happy to help with any questions or concerns by email or phone, 7 days a week. You can reach our Support Team at learning@kodifly.com

Will my Instructor change week to week for private classes?

Our team is committed to having your child work with a consistent instructor for the duration of a course. In the case of family emergencies or seasonal shifts, we may need to re-match your child with an equally well-vetted replacement. If you don't love learning with your instructor after a few classes, we'll work as a team to help improve your experience, whether that means adjusting the class pace, style, or instructor.

What happens If I can’t make my private class on a given day?

You can reschedule your private class up to 24 hours in advance. You can reschedule directly in the Kodifly Learner Portal or contact our dedicated Support Team at learning@kodifly.com

What happens if I forget to reschedule my private class 24 hours in advance?

We understand that unexpected situations may arise, and we want to ensure our programs work with your family’s schedule. However, for our instructors to thoroughly prepare for classes beforehand, our policy is that classes must be rescheduled 24+ hours in advance. Unfortunately, classes that are not rescheduled in time will not be eligible for a makeup class or refund. We do make exceptions in the case of student illness or family emergency.

What happens if I don’t use all of my Team Sessions in a given month?

Depending on your plan, students will be granted 4 or more session passes to use within the month (determined by your bill date). Using the Kodifly Learner Portal, students can schedule their sessions - dependent on your plan. In the unfortunate case you cannot use all the passes in the month, these passes cannot be carried over to the next month.

Is there a discount for siblings?

Kodifly is excited to offer sibling discounts for parents with two or more children taking classes with us. Once two or more siblings are concurrently enrolled with us, the sibling discount will be applied to the plan with a lower monthly cost.

What if one of my children stops taking classes, but their sibling is still taking classes?

In this situation, our Support Team will work with you to help off board your child from our program. Your child, who is still enrolled, will be moved to our non-sibling tuition. If your second child restarts classes with Kodifly, we will be more than happy to reapply the sibling discounts for both children,

How do I end my subscription?

We understand that unexpected situations may arise, and we want to ensure our programs work with your family’s schedule. We offer a full money-back guarantee within your first 2 classes, no questions asked. Afterward, we are happy to cancel your plan from your next bill date onwards. To cancel, please email us at learning@kodifly.com and our team will reach out to you.

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