Message from Team Kodifly

Our founders are from the top university in Hong Kong and one of the best universities in the world. With our carefully curated content and resources pave the path for your child to university abroad.

Henry, Co-founder

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, I did not have a lot of opportunities and resources learning about technology or programming in general even thought I always have the passion in doing so. Not until getting into university, I start to learn about it but I wish I could start early. At Kodifly, we hope to provide the learning opportunities for future innovators to step into the world of technology earlier.

Saad, Co-founder

Being an international in Hong Kong from Pakistan, quality education was never readily available nor affordable. University admissions were challenging as creating an academic and extra-curricular portfolio that stood out and cracking the admissions process is difficult. I didn’t have access to quality STEM courses and instructors, which led me to create Kodifly. A customizable service to bring the maximum potential out of students, an experience uniquely adapted to you, accessible and affordable. It’s simple yet brilliant!

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