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What is Website Development?


A creative method to create functionality in the web pages by using programming languages

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Why you should learn Website Development?

- Stimulating creativity

Design is part of the job of a web creator. Students will get to develop their creative applications using various techniques. As time goes by, they will also learn by reusing their previous projects to make something even better. And the limit? The sky's the limit for students’ imagination!

- Boosting problem-solving ability

Problem-solving is an essential skill a developer should have. As students think of the logic of specific codes and face bugs, it sharpens their mind and improves their way of thinking or how they approach different kinds of complex problems.

- Future Career

Website development is in growing demand as all companies are moving online due to the digital revolution. Possessing website creation or editing skills can make students highly competitive candidates in the job market in the future even though they do not pursue to develop a career in the technology field.

Course content

What will the course cover?

We will teach basic website making using HTML, CSS and Javascript:

  • - HTML Basics
  • - Types and uses of tags
  • - Web page layout
  • - Controlling web page parameters
  • - Setting up our first website page
  • - Creating links
  • - CSS
  • - Learn how is CSS used to style web pages
  • - Learn about CSS formats
  • - Create our own CSS file and link it to our HTML file
  • - Intro to JavaScript
  • - Variables
  • - Sensing/Output
  • - Conditional Statements
  • - Iterative statements
  • - Data Structures(e.g Lists/array)
  • - Create JS objects
  • - Linking objects to listeners
  • - Adding actions/controls to objects

Course Timeline

12 +



hr each

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