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What is Scratch?


Become a coding star by learning to code early. Great for absolute beginners Carefully designed course adapted to your child's need. Develop your child’s thinking and creativity skills! A visual programming language that is mainly used by children"

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Why you should learn Scratch?

- Stimulating creativity

This visual language is in the shape of blocks, and it allows its users to create online projects, games, apps etc. Students can make use of creativity in storytelling and animation. They can also collaborate on projects by sharing projects online.

- Improving teamwork

By being part of a community of creators, students will be able to receive all the feedback they need to strengthen their skills and learn to communicate better by solving problems through collaboration.

- Future Career

The soft skills gained from Scratch are essential for succeeding at school and later in the workplace. Even if students intend to develop their career in the technology field, skills acquired from this course will make students more competitive.

Course content

What will the course cover?

We will teach the following core concepts:

  • - Variables
  • - Input/Sensing
  • - Output
  • - Assignments
  • - Conditional Statements
  • - Iterative statements
  • - Data Structures (e.g Lists/array)
  • - Functional programming
  • - Solving fun programming problems
  • - Start to make projects on scratch
  • - Setting up and customizing objects
  • - Setting up environment
  • - Adding controls
  • - Linking objects in our Game/Project

Course Timeline

12 +



hr each

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