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What is Python?


Dive deeper into Python fundamentals with loops, variables, conditional statements, and functions, while also introducing more advanced topics such as lists, sets, dictionaries, and error checking. Students practice integrating these concepts in building a series of complex projects. Expose yourself to several real-life applications programming!

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Why you should learn Python?

- Stimulating Creativity:

Students will be able to flex their creative muscles by scratching, writing code, and creating their own programs. It is great for writing out ideas in one long block of code. They will start off with a single file and with a single block of code.

- Easy to learn

This approach to learning works. By learning the syntax of a language like Python prior to learning about functions, students will gain basic programming knowledge before using a global and local scope.

- Soft skills enhancement: critical thinking & problem-solving skills

Computer knowledge is one of the important skills to which employers attach great importance in this technology-oriented world. Having a good start by leaning Pygame at a young age is going to be at a real advantage as students grow older should they wish to be successful in the workplace.

Course content

What will the course cover?

We will teach core programming concepts in python:

  • - Data types
  • - Input/output
  • - Intro to programming libraries
  • - Conditional Statements
  • - Iterative statements
  • - Advanced data type/Structures(e.g Lists/array)
  • - File IO
  • - Basic Object oriented programming in python

Course Timeline

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