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What is Pygame?


It is based on Python and the most popular language for introductory computer courses

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Why you should learn Pygame Game Development?

- Stimulating Creativity

Students will be able to flex their creative muscles by scratching, writing code and creating their programs. It is great for writing out ideas in one long block of code. They will start with a single block of code and will progressively use that to create their own game applications!

- Great for learning

This approach to learning works. The best way to learn is by doing. And what’s more fun than making your own games!

- Future Career

Programming literacy is highly sought after by top employers. They attach great importance to these skills in an increasingly technology-oriented world. Having a good start by learning Pygame at a young age is going to be a real advantage as students grow older if they wish to be successful in the workplace.

Course content

What will the course cover?

We will teach:

  • - Data types
  • - Input/output
  • - Intro to programming libraries
  • - Object Oriented Programming & class structure
  • - Conditional Statements
  • - Iterative statements
  • - Advanced data type/Structures(e.g Lists/array)
  • - PyGame Library
  • - Game physics
  • - Scene creation
  • - Game object interactions and much more!

Course Timeline

12 +



hr each

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